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Add Ons

Explore all our additional services down below!

Windows Cleaning

We know how important it is to have the windows at your business looking spotless and beautiful. We will gladly take this task off your hands so give us a call and we will do the rest. 

No matter if its one or a dozen windows with us you won't have to worry!

Carpet Cleaning

Going beyond vacuuming for carpets is often overlooked. This is why we offer professional carpet cleaning to get out any tough stains or dirt hidden in the floor. We recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least one to two times a year.

Restrooms Deep Cleaning

Restrooms are usually the last place people want to clean and often generate the most complaints than any other area of a facility. This is where we come into play.


We offer long-term restroom care and maintenance where we focus on tile and grout cleaning, odor control, and any other additional problems that have to be addressed. This can include coming up with a maintenance schedule for you or a singular service. 


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